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What is the New Horizons Foundation?
The New Horizons Foundation, founded in 1989, is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, public charity, organized and operating under the laws of Colorado for the purpose of helping individuals accomplish their charitable objectives in religious, educational, scientific, benevolent and health related activities.Though much of the money contributed to the Foundation each year is given to support existing charitable organizations, the Foundation is not directly controlled or affiliated with any specific organization. IRS Determination Letter

Who Controls the New Horizons Foundation?
Overseeing all aspects of The New Horizons Foundation is a Board of Directors. The Board consists of highly qualified individuals who have a considerable amount of interest and expertise in charitable enterprise.

How is a Project Started?
All new projects must be approved by The New Horizons Foundation Board of Directors before they can be established. Applications and Operations Manuals for the Foundation can be obtained from a board member or from the Foundation office.

Is the New Horizons Foundation a Private Foundation?
The New Horizons Foundation is a public charity, and therefore donors can take advantage of the most liberal charitable contribution rules available under the IRS code. The New Horizons Foundation, in all of its charitable activities, ensures strict compliance with every provision of charitable tax law, code and regulation. New Horizons not only educates donors in what they can and cannot do, but supervises every donation coming in to the Foundation, every charitable distribution going out and every charitable project in the field.

New Horizons Foundation, Inc.
5550 Tech Center Dr., Ste. 303
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