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Indochina Missions is a missionary effort to bring the good news of the Gospel message to the people of Cambodia and was founded by the Bethel Baptist Church of Saint Charles, Illinois. Missionaries Glenn and Saveun Colley operate the mission from a base church outside of Phnom Penh. The base church has in turn planted 7 other churches. The work of the mission includes a Bible school which trains ministerial candidates and workers for village churches, a medical ministry which provides transportation and financial assistance to those needing hospital care or midwife services, treatment and dispensing of medications for common illnesses and a wound care center. Glenn and Saveun give God the credit for the success of their work and welcome every opportunity to show the love of Jesus Christ in action through the mission. An archive of their newsletters is available below.


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Cambodia Baptisms of Child and Woman - June 2014

Cambodia Baptism childCambodia Baptism woman