Indochina Missions Newsletter
September 2014

Saveun and I send you our greetings from a hot and rainy Cambodia and hope you are doing well in the Lord’s service this fall. The heat here has been tempered with cloudbursts and amplified by 100% humidity. It is easy to see which stores have air-conditioning because their windows are permanently fogged up from the outside humidity after sunset.

We had some planning meetings here at the DaNgow Village Church and will finish the up when the Pastor’s meeting in just a few days when we have the workers from the villages in. We are looking forward to a great end to this year over the next three months culminating in our annual Christmas Evangelism drive. We are considering doing a reenactment of the birth of Christ on our back property and there is a real possibility that we can have actual sheep, cattle and lambs for the stable. With our niece due to deliver in early December we may even have a baby actor to play the part of Jesus. Folks here really love things like that and the sound system we have is both durable and portable so it can handle outside meetings.

I have more good news. Our plans are all set for me to be with you in January and the Lord has provided the travel funds. The air tickets and hotel in transit have all been purchased. I also got my new US Passport good for another ten years since my old one was due to expire. I am going to begin packing up the things I will need for the trip and have already bought a new tie and some nice dress shoes. (It is very difficult to find shoes in my size her in Cambodia). November to December will be a very busy time here at the Church and October is almost upon us. We are looking forward getting everyone updated on the work here at the Missions conference at Valley View Baptist in Valley View Illinois 23-25 January 2015. I also will be visiting a Church in Indiana about two hours’ drive from St. Charles Illinois where my cousin, Kevin Smith, is working with their Baptist Pastor to see if their Church will begin supporting the work here. I will be available to speak at our other local Churches, Bethel, and Calvary Baptist and, Lord willing perhaps we can get some travel funds to visit our other supporting Churches which are several States distant.

The work here has been going well and picking up in this second half of the year as it usually does. We have several people who have committed to visitation and Evangelism who know the area and the people. One woman Mrs. Sa Rei (translates to Glory or Gloria) has been working with the Church here for nearly 20 years. She moved away for a while then moved back and she offered to help replace a particularly gifted woman who had been helping in calling folks to receive Christ in the Sunday Worship Service. A special thanks to Bethel Baptist Church on the outskirts of Austin TX. Their prayer team has been helping us keep the need for someone gifted in inviting folks to Church before the Lord. The Lord has answered and been meeting that need.

I look forward to seeing you all in January of next year. God bless you all for your love gifts and faithful prayers for the Lord’s work as we continue to reach this Nation of Cambodia for Christ.

In Christ’s Service to the Cambodian People,
Glenn and Saveun Colley

Michele Lunacek