Indochina Missions Newsletter-November 2014

Greetings from Cambodia where it is still in the 80’s and 90’s every day. We hope you are all doing well in your personal service to the Lord Jesus.

I waited until the boat festival was over this year before writing so see how things would go. Three years ago there were 300 young people killed on the Diamond Island walk bridge. The next year the country was mourning the death of their King. This past year there was flooding. Despite all this fourth year they opened up the waterfront for people to see their village team paddle a very long canoe type boat down the river in a duel with another team. Cambodia has only two holidays for three days each when folks can get out with their families in a recreational way. For the boat festival everyone comes into the main cities while at Cambodian New Year everyone heads out of the city to the countryside to visit relatives. There was a little bit of disquiet about the elections which were never settled but generally everything went off quietly.

For the next seven weeks we will typically have great attendance. The weather cools in late November and the crops are in at about that same time. Since many in the villages are subsistence farmers, it is a great relief to get that grain in the house, (yes, literally in the house), to sustain the family for another year. Rice, unlike wheat is a hard grain and if kept in the husk until a week or so before cooking can easily go for a year or even more and remain edible. The husked rice is put under a foot operated wooden mallet and the husk is beaten off of the rice and fed to the family pig.

In the DaNgow Church and in the Village Churches we have continued to have souls saved and we look forward to some great Sundays in the next two months leading up to Christmas. We don’t celebrate Christmas on the 25th but rather on the nearest Sunday after the 25th so we have plenty of time to get folks in for our annual Christmas Evangelism effort.

By God’s grace I found a Dentist who resolved a tooth situation (actually three teeth) and that worked out alright. This was replaced by an earache I have had for several days now. When getting a haircut this week my barber suggested I let them wash it (boat festival special package price) and something about being tipped back in the sink caused water and shampoo/conditioner to enter my ear canal in such a way that it still hasn't come out. My left ear has been sensitive since a child with many nights of very painful earaches and so I’ll be glad when the water finally gets drained out and I can hear normally again.

We all thank you for your prayers, gifts and love shown to get the Gospel of Christ out to the Cambodian People. It is not so much about Saveun and I as it is about reaching the next generation of souls for our Savior.

In Christ’s Service to the Cambodian People,
Glenn and Saveun Colley