Indochina Missions Newsletter
December 2014

Saveun and I send you our greetings and hope that you are having a great Christmas season to wind up your service to our Lord Jesus. I sure miss the snow. It has been dropping down into the 70’s at night here and some days it does not even make it up to 90 degrees. This is our cool time of year.

I just completed my 22nd year here since my arrival to start the work back in November of 1992. God’s love for the Cambodian people is evident in his provision for every need, every year, and His faithfulness to bring us even to these uttermost parts of the earth is a testament to His power and love as he prepares souls from every tongue and nation to abide with him in His Kingdom.
Things are really picking up in these last three weeks approaching our Christmas Evangelism. Attendance and attentiveness has improved and souls continue coming to the Lord for salvation and baptism. The Pastor of our Church in the Brake To Tun Village had asked for our prayers that their attendance increase and sure enough this past week they had a full house for the Lord’s supper. Out in the Elephant Story Church we got them set up with a new car battery which they use to power a florescent light for study at night and a piano keyboard for their Sunday Service. Both the battery and keyboard had worn out after years of service so we got them a new one and Pastor Reap reported that the teens really like having the piano perk up the fellowship. Pastor Reap knows how to play many of the traditional Cambodian hymns and some of the ones we would all know also. It is a unique thing to have piano hymns being heard over the rice plains in these remote and isolated villages.

Our January Newsletter will be posted from Cambodia here and then I will be off to the States giving the Churches a chance to hear the great blessings that God has been doing here since our last visit.

I thank you all for your prayers for my ear infection which the Lord blessed to clear up without requiring a doctor visit. I still have some tinnitus but can hear well enough to keep up the work.
We thank you all for your love and prayers and gifts that the Gospel of Christ, and additionally in this Christmas season some poverty relief, can go forward to the Cambodian people. God bless you.

In Christ’s Service to the Cambodian People,
Glenn and Saveun Colley